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Our Great Horned Owls

We have two Great Horned owls that make Roughley Manor their home. They mate in December and
January, then the female goes in the nest (in the tamarisk tree right in front of the main house) to lay her
eggs. They both incubate the eggs for approximately 30 days at which time (hopefully) they hatch baby
Great Horned owls. We have had babies 16 of the 17 years we have owned the Manor. They babies stay
until around late June or July, then they leave to find their own home. The adults stay here until time to
mate again. It is quite a sight watching the babies grow up.
Great Horned Owls on the water tank
Great Horned Owls looking
Great Horned Owl in a tree
Great Horned Owl in a tree looking intently
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Great Horned Owl in a tree looking
Young Great Horned Owl chicks
Great Horned Owl family members from previous years

Welcome 2011 Roughley Manor Great Horned Owls!
Born approximately second week in March. Feel free to come by and enjoy viewing them.

2011 Great Horned Owl Babies at Roughley Manor
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